Grupo formado en 1976 en Dublín (Irlanda) por Bono (Paul Hewson. 10-may-1960. cantante y guitarra), The Edge (David Evans. 8-ago-1961 guitarra, teclados y voz), Adam Clayton (bajo) y Larry Mullen Jr. (batería). Primeramente se llamaron  Feedback y después Hype. Debutaron en 1979 con un EP titulado U2:3. Han vendido más de 170 millones de álbumes alrededor del mundo. Con seis álbumes 1 en USA, y nueve 1 en el Reino Unido. Han ganado 22 premios Grammy, la cifra más alta para un artista de rock. En el 2004, la revista Rolling Stone puso a U2 en el lugar 22 de su lista de los "100 artistas más grandes de todos los tiempos". La banda es conocida por ser políticamente activa en causas de derechos humanos y justicia social, como Amnistía Internacional, Live Aid, etc

sus 10 mejores canciones

1. New year´s day   1983 U Two vídeo

2. Mysterious ways 1991 Bono, Clayton, Edge, Mullen vídeo

3. Red Hill mining town       1987 Bono, Clayton, Edge, Mullen
4. Until the end of the world                                1991 U Two

5. Pride (In the name of love)                               1984 U Two

6. Sunday bloody sunday    1983 Bono, Clayton, Edge, Mullen

7. Vertigo                                                 2004 Bono, Edge, U Two

8. One                                        1991 Bono, Clayton, Edge, Mullen

9. The playboy mansion                      1997 Bone, Edge, U Two

10. I still haven´t found what I´m looking for   1987 U Two

1980 Boy
1981 October
1983 War
The Unforgettable Fire
1987 The Joshua tree
1988 Rattle and hum
1991 Achtung baby
1993 Zooropa
1997 Pop
2000 All that you can´t leave behind
How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
2009 No line on the horizon
2014 Songs of innocence

2017 Songs of experience

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The Edge

Adam Clayton

Larry Mullen Jr.


Boy   1980 

  1. I Will Follow

  2. Twilight

  3. An Cat Dubh

  4. Into the Heart

  5. Out of Control

  6. Stories for Boys

  7. The Ocean

  8. A Day Without Me

  9. Another Time, Another Place

  10. The Electric Co.

  11. Shadows and Tall Trees

October 1981                

  1.         Gloria

  2.  I fall down

  3. I threw a brick through a window

  4. Rejoice

  5. Fire

  6. Tomorrow

  7. October

  8. With a shout (Jerusalem)

  9. Strange in a strange land

  10. Scarlet

  11. Is that all?

War       1983                

  1. Sunday bloody, sunday

  2. Seconds

  3. New year's day

  4. Like a song

  5. Drowning man

  6. The refugee

  7. Two hearts beat as one

  8. Red light

  9. Surrender

  10. 40

  11. Exit

The Unforgettable Fire   1984

  1. A Sort of Homecoming

  2. Pride

  3. Wire

  4. The Unforgettable Fire

  5. Promenade

  6. 4th of July

  7. Bad

  8. Indian Summer Sky

  9. Elvis Presley and America

  10. MLK

The Joshua tree 1987               

  1. Where the streets have no name

  2. I still haven't found what I'm looking for        

  3. With or without you        

  4. Bullet the blue sky              

  5. Running to stand still      

  6. Red hill mining town              

  7. In God's country       

  8. Trip through your wires       

  9. One tree hill              

  10. Mothers of the disappeared     

Rattle and hum    1988      

  1. Helter skelter

  2. Van Diemen´s land

  3. Desire

  4. Hawkmoon 269

  5. All along the watchtower

  6. I still haven´t found what I´m looking for

  7. (Freedom for my people)

  8. Silver and gold

  9. Pride (In the name of love)

  10. Angel of Harlem

  11. Love rescue me

  12. When loves come to town

  13. Heartland

  14. God part II

  15. (The star spangled banner)

  16. Bullet the blue sky

  17. All I want is you

Achtung baby      1991        

  1. Zoo station              

  2. Even better than the real thing           

  3. One         

  4. Until the end of the world              

  5. Who's gonna ride your wild horses         

  6. So cruel     

  7. The fly      

  8. Mysterious ways              

  9. Tryin' to throw your arms around the world               

  10. Ultraviolet (light my way)             

  11. Acrobat          

  12. Love is blindness        

Zooropa 1993     

1.      Zooropa  

2.      Babyface  

3.      Numb  

4.      Lemon  

5.      Stay (Faraway, So Close)

6.      Daddy's Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car  

7.      Some Days Are Better Than Others  

8.      The First Time  

9.      Dirty Day  

10.  The Wanderer  

Pop         1997      

  1. Discoteque

  2. Do you feel loved

  3. Mofo

  4. If God will send his angels

  5. Staring at the sun

  6. Last night on Earth

  7. Gone

  8. Miami

  9. The playboy mansion

  10. If you wear that velvet dress

  11. Please

  12. Wake up dead man

All that you can´t leave behind         2000       

  1. Beautiful day

  2. Stuck in a moment you can´t get out of

  3. Elevation

  4. Walk on

  5. Kite

  6. In a little while

  7. Wild honey

  8. Peace on Earth

  9. When I look at the world

  10. New York

  11. Grace

How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb      2004   

1 Vertigo

2 Miracle Drug

3 Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own  

4 Love and Peace or Else

5 City of Blinding Lights  

6 All Because of You  

7 A Man and a Woman  

8 Crumbs from Your Table

9 One Step Closer  

10 Original of the Species  

11 Yahweh

No line on the horizon  2009 

1    No Line on the Horizon

2    Magnificent

3    Moment of Surrender

4    Unknown Caller

5    I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight

6    Get on Your Boots

7    Stand Up Comedy

8    Fez- Being Born

9    White as Snow

10  Breathe

11  Cedars of Lebanon

Songs of inoocence        2014  

1.       The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)

2.        Every Breaking Wave

3.        California (There Is No End to Love)

4.        Song for Someone

5.        Iris (Hold Me Close)

6.        Volcano

7.        Raised by Wolves

8.        Cedarwood Road

9.        Sleep Like a Baby Tonight

10.     This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now

11.          The Troubles

Songs of experience       2017    

1    Love Is All We Have Left

2    Lights of Home

3    You’re the Best Thing About Me

4    Get Out of Your Own Way

5    American Soul

6    Summer of Love

7    Red Flag Day

8    The Showman (Little More Better)

9    The Little Things That Give You Away

10  Landlady

11  The Blackout

12  Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way

13  13 (There Is a Light)

14  Ordinary Love [Extraordinary Mix]

15  Book of Your Heart


The best 1980-1990 & The B-sides           1998     

1     Pride (In the Name of Love)

2     New Year's Day

3     With or Without You

4     I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

5     Sunday Bloody Sunday

6     Bad

7     Where the Streets Have No Name

8     I Will Follow

9     The Unforgettable Fire

10   Sweetest Thing [The Single Mix]

11   Desire

12   When Love Comes to Town

13   Angel of Harlem

14   All I Want Is You

15   The Three Sunrises

16   Spanish Eyes

17   Sweetest Thing

18   Love Comes Tumbling

19   Bass Trap

20   Dancing Barefoot

21   Everlasting Love

22   Unchained Melody

23   Walk to the Water

24   Luminous Times (Hold on to Love)

25   Hallelujah Here She Comes

26   Silver and Gold

27   Endless Deep

28   A Room at the Heartbreak Hotel

29   Trash, Trampoline and the Party Girl


The best 1990-2000         2002     

1     Even Better Than the Real Thing

2     Mysterious Ways

3     Beautiful Day

4     Electrical Storm  

5     One

6     Miss Sarajevo

7     Stay (Faraway, So Close!)

8     Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of

9     Gone [New Mix]

10   Until the End of the World

11   The Hands That Built America {From Gangs of New York}

12   Discothèque [New Mix]

13   Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

14   Staring at the Sun [New Mix]

15   Numb [New Mix]

16   The First Time

17  Lady with the Spinning Head [Extended Dance Mix]

18  Dirty Day (Junk Day)                    

19  Summer Rain                             

20  Electrical Storm                     

21  North and South of the River

22  Your Blue Room                   

23  Happiness Is a Warm Gun [The Gun Mix]  

24  Salome [Zooromancer Remix Edit]       

25  Even Better Than the Real Thing [The Perfecto Mix]                

26  Numb [Gimme Some More Dignity Mix Edit]  

27  Mysterious Ways [Solar Plexus Club Mix]

28  If God Will Send His Angels [Big Yam Mix]  

29  Lemon [Jeep Mix]                             

30  Discothèque [Hexidecimal Mix Edit]


New Year's Day                                          

Am         C             Em

All is quiet on New Year's Day

Am            C                          Em

A world in white, gets underway

Am           C                                             Em

And I want to be with you, be with you night and day

Am         C                Em                       Am

Nothing changes on New Year's Day


On New Year's Day


G                             Am

I will be with you again

G                             F   Am    C  Em

I will be with you again

Am         C                Em

Under a blood red sky

Am             C              Em    

A crowd has gathered in black and white

Am         C             Em

Arms entwined, the chosen few

Am                         C    Em                   G

Newspaper say, says, say it's true, it's true


And we can break through

                G                                F

Though torn in two, we can be one

G                Am

I, I will begin again

G                F                          Am         C  Em  Am

I, I will begin again, yeah

El día de año nuevo

Todo está tranquilo en el día de año nuevo
Un mundo en blanco, viene hacia ti
Y yo quiero estar contigo noche y día
Nada cambia el día de año nuevo

Estaré contigo otra vez
Bajo un cielo rojo sangre
Una multitud se ha juntado en negro y blanco
brazos entrelazados, unos pocos escogidos

El periódico dice que es verdad
y nosotros podemos abrirnos camino

aunque partidos en 2, nosotros podemos ser uno
Empezaré otra vez





Mysterious ways

A                             D

Johnny took a walk with your sister the moon

        A                 E

Let her pale light in to fill up your room

A                               D

You've been living underground, eating from a can

A                                       E           A

You've been running away from what you don't understand (love)

 A              D

She's slippy, you're sliding down

A                D

She'll be there when you hit the ground

 A                      D

It's alright...it's alright...it's alright

C               G

She moves in mysterious ways

A                      D

It's alright...it's alright...it's alright

C               G

She moves in mysterious ways


Johnny take a dive with your sister in the rain

Let her talk about the things you can't explain

To touch is to heal, to hurt is to steal

If you want to kiss the sky

Better learn how to kneel (...on your knees boy!)


She's the wave, she turns the tide

She sees the man inside the child


It's alright...it's alright...it's alright

She moves in mysterious ways                   

It's alright...it's alright...it's alright

Lift my days...light up my nights

Am                   D             Am

One day you'll look back and you'll see

                G               A

Where you were held how by this love


While you could stand there


And not move on this moment


Follow this feeling


It's alright...it's alright...it's alright

She moves in mysterious ways

It's alright...it's alright...it's alright

We move through miracle days

Spirit moves in mysterious ways

She moves with it, she moves with it

C                G                    A

Lift my days and light up my nights

De forma misteriosa

Johnny se dio un paseo con tu hermana la luna

Dejó que la luz pálida llenara su cuarto

Has estado viviendo bajo tierra, comiendo de un  perro

Has estado huyendo de lo que no entendías (amor)

Ella está resbalándose, tú te deslizas hacia abajo

Ella estará allí cuando te caigas al suelo


Está bien

Ella se mueve de forma misteriosa


Johnny se zambulló con tu hermana en la lluvia

Déjala hablar sobre las cosas que no puedes explicar

Tocar es curar, robar debe doler

si quieres besar el cielo
mejor aprende como arrodillarte(...sobre tus rodillas, chico!)

Ella es la ola, Ella mueve la marea

Ella ve al hombre dentro del niño


Está bien

Ella se mueve de forma misteriosa

Levanta mis días, enciende mis noches


Algún día mirarás atrás y verás
donde fuiste retenido por este amor
mientras tanto podrás permanecer ahí

y no te mueves en este momento

Sigue este sentimiento


Está bien

Ella se mueve de forma misteriosa

Nos movemos a través de días milagrosos

Los espíritus se mueven de forma misteriosa



New year´s day 

Misterious ways