the auteurs 


Grupo de pop alternativo con influencias glam formado en Londres (Inglaterra, R.U.) en 1992 por el cantante, guitarrista y compositor Luke Haines, el bateria Glenn Collins  y la bajista Alice Readman. Otros miembros son James Banbury (celo), Barney C. Rockford que reemplazo al bateria Collins.


  1. Show girl                          1993 Haines vídeo

  2. Idiot brother                     1993 Haines

  3. Early years                        1993 Haines vídeo

  4. Home again                                      1993 Haines

  5. New French Girlfriend                   1994 Haines

  6. Lights Out                                          1999 Haines

  7. Married to a Lazy Lover                1996 Haines

  8. How could I be wrong                   1993 Haines

  9. Lenny Valentino                              1994 Haines

  10. Housebreaker                                   1993 Haines

  11. Valet parking                                    1993 Haines

  12. The Upper Classes                          1994 Haines

  13. Underground Movies                     1994 Haines

  14. Buddha                                               1996 Haines

  15. Tombstone                                         1996 Haines


1993          New Wave

1994          Now I'm a Cowboy

1996          After Murder Park

1999          How I Learned to Love the Bootboys




New wave          1993           

  1. Show girl

  2. Bailed out

  3. American guitars

  4. Junk shop clothes
  5. Don't trust the stars
  6. Starstruck
  7. How could I be wrong
  8. Housebreaker
  9. Valet parking
  10. Idiot brother
  11. Early years
  12. Home again

Now I'm a Cowboy         1994     

1 Lenny Valentino

2 Brainchild

3 I'm a Rich Man's Toy

4 New French Girlfriend

5 The Upper Classes

6 Chinese Bakery

7 A Sister Like You

8 Underground Movies

9 Life Classes/Life Model

10 Modern History

11 Daughter of a Child

After Murder Park   1996    

1 Light Aircraft on Fire

2 Child Brides

3 Land Lovers

4 New Brat in Town

5 Everything You Say Will Destroy You

6 Unsolved Child Murder

7 Married to a Lazy Lover

8 Buddha

9 Tombstone

10 Fear of Flying

11 Dead Sea Navigators


How I Learned to Love the Bootboys 1999

1    The Rubettes

2    1967

3    How I Learned to Love the Bootboys

4    Your Gang, Our Gang

5    Some Changes

6    School

7    Johnny and the Hurricanes

8    The South Will Rise Again

9    Asti Spumante

10  Sick of Hari Krisna

11  Lights Out

12  Future Generation




A          Abm             C#m 

I took a showgirl for my bride  (Silent)

A          Abm            F#m    D

Thought my life would be right

A         Abm             C#m

Took her bowling got her high

F#m                     B

Got myself a showgirl bride


Took a job on the side

In a health shop keeps me well

Got my mantra for life

Got my karma

And a showgirl bride


Bm   A  E

All my life

D    A   E

All her life

Bm   A   E

All our life

D            D/C#                E

I married a showgirl that's for life

D            D/C#                E

I married a showgirl that's for life


She can't work in the wintertime

I can't work anytime now

Go to libraries all the while

Looking for a notice

Bide my time


All my life

All her life

All our life

I married a showgirl that's for life

I married a showgirl that's for life


I took a showgirl for my bride (Silence)

Sprinkled stardust on my wife

Took her bowling got her high

Got myself a showgirl bride

Got myself a showgirl bride  (Just keep on playing F#m B...)

Don't you recognize us?

Don't you recognize us?




Tuve una novia stripper

Pensaba que mi vida estaria bien

La lleve a los bolos y disfruto

Consegui una novia stripper

Tuve un trabajo al lado en una farmacia

me cuidaba bien

Consegui mi mantra de por vida

Consegui mi karma y una novia stripper

Toda mi vida Toda su vida Toda nuestra vida

Me case con una stripper, esto es para toda la vida

Ella no puede trabajar en invierno

No puedo trabajar en ningun momento ahora

Voy a bibliotecas todo el rato

Buscando una nota

Pasando mi tiempo

no nos reconoces?




Early years