The charlatans


Grupo formado en Manchester (Inglaterra, R.U.) en 1989 encuadrado en el Britpop y sonido Madchester. Formado inicialmente por  Rob Collins (teclados, fallece en 1996), Jon Baker (guitarra), Martin Blunt (bajo), Jon Brooks (batería, fallece en 2013) y Tim Burguess (voz). Mark Collins reemplazó a Baker en la guitarra. Siguen en activo y actualmente Tony Rogers se ocupa de los teclados.

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1.      You're not very well 1990 Baker / Blunt / Brookes / BurgessCollins vídeo

2.       Flower 1990 Baker / Blunt / BurgessCollins vídeo

3.       Polar bear 1990 Baker / Blunt / Brookes / BurgessCollins

4.       Muddy Ground 2006 Collins

5.       Judas 2001 Blunt / Brookes / BurgessCollins / Rogers

6.       Blackened Blue Eyes 2006 Collins

7.      The only one I know 1990 Baker / Blunt / Brookes / BurgessCollins

8.       Opportunity 1990 Blunt / Brookes / Burgess

9.       Believe you me 1990 Baker / Blunt / Brookes / BurgessCollins

10.    I Don't Want to See the Sights 1992 Blunt / Brookes / BurgessCollins / Collins

11.    Tremelo Song 1992 Blunt / Brookes / BurgessCollins

12.    Weirdo 1992 Blunt / Brookes / BurgessCollins

13.    NYC (There's No Need to Stop) 2006 Collins

14.    The Architect 2006 Collins

15.    Plastic Machinery 2017 Blunt / BurgessCollins / Rogers

16.    Not Forgotten 2017 Blunt / BurgessCollins / Rogers



1990 Some friendly

1992 Between 10th and 11th

1994 Up to our hips

1995 The Charlatans UK

1997 Tellin' stories

1999 Us ans us only

2001 Wonderland

2004 Up at the lake

2006 Simpatico

2008 You cross my path

2010 Who we touch

2015 Modern nature

2017 Different days

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Some friendly      1990      

  1. You're not very well         

  2. White shirt          

  3. The only one I know         

  4. Opportunity        

  5. Then     

  6. 109 pt.2               

  7. Polar bear           

  8. Believe you me  

  9. Flower  

  10. Sonic     

  11. Sproston green  

Between 10th and 11th    1992

1     I Don't Want to See the Sights

2     Ignition

3     Page One

4     Tremelo Song

5     The End of Everything

6     Subtitle

7     Can't Even Be Bothered

8     Weirdo

9     Chewing Gum Weekend

10    (No One) Not Even the Rain

Up to our hips     1994      

1    Come in Number 21

2    I Never Want an Easy Life If Me and He Were Ever to Get There

3    Can't Get Out of Bed

4    Feel Flows

5    Autograph

6    Jesus Hairdo

7    Up to Our Hips

8    Patrol

9    Another Rider up in Flames

10  Inside Looking Out

The Charlatans UK             1995    

1    Nine Acre Court

2    Feeling Holy

3    Just Lookin'

4    Crashin' In

5    Bullet Comes

6    Here Comes a Soul Saber

7    Just When You're Thinking Things Over

8    Tell Everyone

9    Toothache

10  No Fiction

11  See It Through

12  Thank You

Tellin’ stories       1997  

1    With No Shoes

2    North Country Boy

3    Tellin' Stories

4    One to Another

5    You're a Big Girl Now

6    How Can You Leave Us

7    Area 51

8    How High

9    Only Teethin'

10  Get on It

11  Title Fight

12  Two of Us

13  Rob's Theme

Us and us only     1999         

  1. Forever

  2. Good witch // Bad witch.3           

  3. Impossible           

  4. The blonde waltz

  5. A house is not a home     

  6. Senses  

  7. My beautiful friend          

  8. I don´t care where you live   

  9. The blind stagger             

  10. Watching you     

Wonderland         2001   

1      You're So Pretty - We're So Pretty

2      Judas

3      Love Is the Key

4      A Man Needs to Be Told

5      I Just Can't Get Over Losing You

6      The Bell and the Butterfly

7      And If I Fall

8      Wake Up

9      Is It in You?

10    Ballad of the Band

Right on

Simpático              2006      

1      Blackened Blue Eyes

2      NYC (There's No Need to Stop)

3      For Your Entertainment

4      Dead Mans Eye

5      Muddy Ground

6      City of the Dead

7      Road to Paradise

8      When the Lights Go out in London

9      The Architect

10    Glory Glory

11    Sunset & Vine

Different days      2017   

1    Hey Sunrise

2    Solutions

3    Different Days

4    Future Tense

5    Plastic Machinery

6    The Forgotten One

7    Not Forgotten

8    There Will Be Chances

9    Over Again

10  The Same House

11  Let's Go Together

12  The Setting Sun

13  Spinning Out


You're not very well
There's that house where I used to live

Here comes that man, Christ, he gives me a headache
I don't like all these sharks in the city
They don't do much for me anyway
You're not very well are You?
There's that car that I used to swerve
This town traffic is knocking me over
You never knew so you never ask
There's more to me and I'll show it if you, you say
You're not very well are You?
One step forward into mine
Faking pictures and opening doorways
There's only one I insist upon
And you take two 'cause it's easy for you
You're not very well are You?
You know where I'm coming from
So won't you get me there?
You're so ashamed,
You're so far away
Intervene and you privatize
Health is health and I don't know about it
So why don't you leave us lot alone
You're so selfish, you'll do it on your own
You're not very well are You?
You're not very well are you, are you?
Tú no estás muy bien
Ahí está esa casa dónde solíamos vivir
Aquí viene ese hombre, Cristo, me levantará dolor de cabeza
No me gustan todos esos tiburones en la ciudad
No hacen nada por nadie
Tú no estás muy bien, no es así?
Hay está ese coche que solíamos conducir
El tráfico de esta ciudad me está noqueando
Nunca supiste así que nunca preguntaste
Hay más para mi y te lo mostraré si tú, si me lo dices
Tú no estás muy bien, no es así?
Un paso adelante hacia mi
Falsificando cuadros y abriendo puertas
Hay sólo algo sobre lo que insisto
Y tú llevas 2 porque es fácil para ti
Tú no estás muy bien, no es así?
Sabes de dónde vengo
así que no me encontrarás ahí?
Estás tan avergonzada
Estás tan lejos
Intervengo y privatizas
La salud es la salud y no lo sabía
así que por qué no nos dejas sólos
Eres tan egoísta, lo harás por ti
Tú no estás muy bien, no es así?


 You're not very well