Grupo de Rock and roll con connotaciones country, blues y psicodélicas, formado en El Cerrito (California, USA) en 1967 por los hermanos Fogerty (John, cantante y Tom, guitarra), Doug Clifford (batería) y Stu Cook (bajo). En 1971 Tom abandonó el grupo y en 1972 se disolvieron. Tom murió en 1990  a causa de una tuberculosis.

sus mejores canciones

1.      Suzie Q (1968, Broadwater, Hawkins, Lewis) vídeo

2.      Long as I Can See the Light (1970, Fogerty) vídeo

3.      Someday never comes (1972, Fogerty)

4.      Molina (1970, Fogerty)

5.      I put a spell on you (1968, Hawkins)

6.      Down on the corner (1969, Fogerty)

7.     I Heard It Through the Grapevine (1970, Strong,Whitfield)

8.      Born to move (1970, Fogerty)

9.      Travelin' Band (1970, Fogerty)

10.    Who'll Stop the Rain (1970, Fogerty)

11.    Have you ever seen the rain (1970, Fogerty)

12.    Born on the Bayou (1969, Fogerty)

13.    Pagan baby (1970, Fogerty)

14.    Sailor´s lament (1970, Fogerty)

15.    Chameleon (1970, Fogerty)


1968 Creedence Clearwater Revival
1969 Bayou Country
1969 Green River
1969 Willy and the poor boys
1970 Cosmo´s factory
1970 Pendulum
1972 Mardi Gras

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Creedence Clearwater Revival  1968

       1      I Put a Spell on You

       2      The Working Man

       3      Suzie Q

       4      Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won't Do)

       5      Get Down Woman

       6      Porterville

       7      Gloomy

       8      Walking on the Water


Bayou Country  1969 

1   Born on the Bayou

2   Bootleg

3   Graveyard Train

4   Good Golly Miss Molly

5   Penthouse Pauper

6   Proud Mary

7   Keep on Chooglin'


Green River       1969

1   Green River

2   Commotion

3   Tombstone Shadow

4   Wrote a Song for Everyone

5   Bad Moon Rising

6   Lodi

7   Cross-Tie Walker

8   Sinister Purpose

9   The Night Time Is the Right Time

Willy and the poor boys      1969

1            Down on the Corner

2            It Came Out of the Sky

3            Cotton Fields

4            Poorboy Shuffle

5            Feelin' Blue

6            Fortunate Son

7            Don't Look Now

8            The Midnight Special

9            Side O' the Road

10          Effigy

Cosmos factory  1970  

1 Ramble Tamble

2 Before You Accuse Me

3 Travelin' Band

4 Ooby Dooby

5 Lookin' Out My Back Door

6 Run Through the Jungle

7 Up Around the Bend

8 My Baby Left Me

9 Who'll Stop the Rain

10 I Heard It Through the Grapevine

11 Long as I Can See the Light


Pendulum          1970   

  1. Pagan baby

  2. Sailor´s lament

  3. Chameleon

  4. (Wish I could) Hideaway

  5. Born to move

  6. It´s just a thought

  7. Molina

  8. (Theme from) Rude awakening #
  9. Cotton fields
  10. The midnight special
  11. Born on the Bayou
  12. Hello Mary Lou
  13. Have you ever seen the rain

Mardi Gras        1972

1 Lookin' for a Reason

2 Take It Like a Friend

3 Need Someone to Hold

4 Tearin' Up the Country

5 Someday Never Comes

6 What Are You Gonna Do?

7 Sail Away

8 Hello Mary Lou

9 Door to Door

10 Sweet Hitch-Hiker




SUZIE Q     

Main riff and intro:

                       Part 2 of main riff








Rhythm guitar plays Em A C H Em (9Em 2A 1C 1H 3Em)


Oh Susie Q, oh Susie Q

         A              C7

Oh Susie Q, baby I love you

B7    E

Susie Q


I like the way you walk, I like the way you talk

I like the way you walk, I like the way you talk

Susie Q


Say that you'll be true, say that you'll be true

Say that you'll be true and never leave me blue

Susie Q


Say that you'll be mine, say that you'll be mine

Say that you'll be mine, baby, all the time

Susie Q



Susie Q
Ah Susie Q Ah Susie Q,
Nena te amo
Susie Q me gusta como andas, me gusta como hablas
Susie Q Dices que seras verdadera,
Dices que seras verdadera y nunca me dejaras triste
Susie Q Dices que seras mia,
Dices que seras mia, nena, todo el tiempo Susie Q



B                 E6    B                 E  F#

B       F#            B       E6

     Put a candle in the window

B         G#m              B

     Cause I feel I've got to move

B            F#     E7

     Though I'm goin', goin' I'll be comin' home soon

B         F#            B      E   F#

     Long as I can see the light


B         F#                B

     Pack my bag and let's get moving

B           G#m              B

     Cause I'm bound to drift a while

B          F#    E7

     When I'm gone, gone you don't have to worry

B         F#            B      E    F#

     Long as I can see the light


B            F#                     B

     Guess I've got that old travelin' bone

B            G#m                     B

     Cause this feeling won't leave me alone

B       F#     E7

     But I won't, won't be losing my way

B         F#            B      E    F#

     Long as I can see the light


E6 - X2212X


Pon una vela en la ventana
porque siento que tengo que moverme
Aunque me vaya, volvere pronto a casa
Mientras pueda ver la luz
Prepara mi bolso y vamos a movernos
porque estoy obligado a ir un rato a la deriva
Cuando me haya ido, tu no tienes que preocuparte
Mientras pueda ver la luz
Adivina, tengo esos viejos huesos viajeros
porque este sentimiento no me dejara solo
Pero no voy a perder mi camino
Mientras pueda ver la luz


Suzie Q


Long as I can see the light