The Divine Comedy



Grupo de pop de cámara formado en Londonderry (Irlanda del Norte) en 1989. La banda está liderada por Neil Hannon (compositor, cantante, guitarrista, pianista) y único miembro estable del proyecto. Se caracterizan por su variada instrumentación y los arreglos orquestales. Las letras de Neil Hannon se caracterizan por retratar irónicamente la vida moderna y por incluir en ellas guiños a sus referentes literarios y culturales con los que aborda temáticas como el amor, el sexo o la venganza. Otros músicos de la banda son: Bryan Mills, Ivor Talbot, Joby Talbot, John McCullagh, Kevin Traynor, Miguel Barrados y Stuart "Pinkie" Bates.



Sus mejores canciones

1.      Mother Dear Hannon 2006 vídeo

2.      Through a Long and Sleepless Night Hannon 1996

3.      Something for the Weekend Hannon 1996

4.      In Pursuit of Happiness Hannon 1997

5.      Perfect Lovesong Hannon 2001

6.      Diva Lady Hannon 2006

7.      Neapolitan Girl 2010                    

8.      Becoming More Like Alfie Hannon 1996

9.      Someone Hannon 1997

10.   Lost Property Hannon 2001

11.   Napoleon complex 2010

12.   Mastermind Hannon 2001

13.   Theme From Casanova Hannon 1996

14.   Love What You Do Hannon 2001





Fanfare for the comic muse 1990

Liberation 1993  

Promenade 1994               

Casanova 1996                                   

A short album about love 1997      

Fin de siècle 1998             

Regeneration 2001   


Absent friends 2004         

Victory for the comic muse 2006   

Bang Goes the Knighthood 2010 

Foreverland 2016   



Fanfare for the Comic Muse 1990 

1       Ignorance Is Bliss              

2       Indian Rain                         

3       Bleak Landscape

4       Tailspin   

5       The Rise and Fall  

6       Logic Vs. Emotion       

7       Secret Garden  

Liberation           1993    

1 Festive Road

2 Death of AA Supernaturalist

3 Bernice Bobs Her Hair

4 I Was Born Yesterday

5 Your Daddy's Car

6 Europop

7 Timewatching

8 The Pop Singer's Fear of the Pollen Count

9 Queen of the South

10 Victoria Falls

11 Three Sisters

12 Europe by Train

13 Lucy

Promenade        1994   

1  Bath

2  Going Downhill Fast

3  The Booklovers

4  A Seafood Song

5  Geronimo

6  Don't Look Down

7  When the Lights Go Out All Over Europe

8  The Summerhouse

9  Neptunes Daughter

10  A Drinking Song

11  Ten Seconds to Midnight

12  Tonight We Fly

13  Hidden track

Casanova 1996  

1 Something for the Weekend

2 Becoming More Like Alfie

3 Middle-Class Heroes

4 In and out in Paris and London

5 Charge

6 Songs of Love

7 The Frog Princess

8 A Woman of the World

9 Through a Long and Sleepless Night

10 Theme From Casanova

11 The Dogs and The Horses

A short album about love  1997

1     In Pursuit of Happiness

2     Everybody Knows (Except You)

3     Someone

4     If...

5     If I Were You (I'd Be Through With Me)

6     Timewatching

7     I'm All You Need

Birds of paradise farm

Love is lighter

Make it easy on yourself

Motorway to Damascus

Fin de siècle       1998 

1        Generation Sex

2        Thrillseeker

3        Commuter Love

4        Sweden

5        Eric the Gardener

6        National Express

7        Life on Earth

8        The Certainty of Chance

9        Here Comes the Flood

10      Sunrise

Regeneration     2001 

1             Timestretched

2             Bad Ambassador

3             Perfect Lovesong

4             Note to Self

5             Lost Property

6             Eye of the Needle

7             Love What You Do

8             Dumb It Down

9             Mastermind

10           Regeneration

11           The Beauty Regime

Absent friends  2004  

1              Absent Friends

2              Sticks & Stones

3              Leaving Today

4              Come Home Billy Bird

5              My Imaginary Friend

6              The Wreck of the Beautiful

7              Our Mutual Friend

8              The Happy Goth

9              Freedom Road

10           Laika's Theme

11           Charmed Life

Victory for the comic muse 2006   

1       To Die a Virgin

2       Mother Dear

3       Diva Lady

4       A Lady of a Certain Age

5       The Light of Day

6       Threesome

7       Party Fears Two

8       Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World

9       The Plough

10     Count Grassi's Passage Over Piedmont

11     Snowball in Negative

Bang Goes the Knighthood 2010 

1       Down in the Street Below         

2       The Complete Banker                 

3       Neapolitan Girl                              

4       Bang Goes the Knighthood

5       At the Indie Disco   

6       Have You Ever Been in Love

7       Assume the Perpendicular

8       The Lost Art of Conversation

9       Island Life                  

10     When a Man Cries

11     Can You Stand Upon One Leg

12     I Like

13     Ya sumeera

14     Beside the railway tracks

15     The circular firing squad

16     Napoleon complex

Foreverland        2016     

1     Napoleon Complex

2       Foreverland

3       Catherine the Great

4       Funny Peculiar

5       The Pact

6       To the Rescue

7       How Can You Leave Me on My Own

8       I Joined the Foreign Legion (To Forget)

9       My Happy Place

10     A Desperate Man

11     Other People

12     The One Who Loves You



Mother Dear

D Am7 C Gsus4-3  x2

Verse 1 (verse chords)

Em               B7              G7       C

It was not that long ago it first occurred to me

   Cm                G/B               Am7      D7

That my mother was a person in her own right

Em      B7                 G7                 C

Now I realise how very lucky I have been

        Cm         G/B                   Am        Am6

And there, but for the grace of God, go I

      A6       A7

Go I

Chorus (chorus chords)

D Am7

Mother dear She can see inside

C         Gsus4   G

Mother dear And I’ve nowhere to hide

D  Am7

Mother dear Did I spoil your plans?

C    Gsus4   G

Mother dear I do the best I can

Verse 2 (verse chords)

When I was a teenager I really did believe

That my parents had adopted me

And the way I carried on they must have thought

They’d brought the wrong little baby home from maternity

Well I’d like to say I’m sorry but my… Chorus (chorus chords)

Mother dear She already knows

Mother dear She’ll never let me go

Mother dear Kept me warm and safe

Mother dear I’ll never lose my faith in mother dear

Instrumental (chorus chords x 2)

Verse 3

Em    B7             G7        C      Cm/Eb              G/D          Am7/C  D7

If I ever get arrested by the C.I.A. because they take me for a foreign spy

 Em            B7        G7                C

They won’t need no lie-detector, all they’ll have to do

    Cm         G/B   Am    Am/G

Is make me look into my mother’s eyes

            F             A/E (or n/c)

And I’ll tell them anything they like

Chorus (chorus chords)

Oh mother dear She can see inside

Mother dear And I’ve nowhere to hide

From mother dear Kept me warm and safe

Mother dear I’ll never lose my faith in mother dear

Instrumental (chorus chords x 2)

Outro (chorus chords)

Mother dear Did I spoil your plans?

Mother dear I do the best I can

Querida Madre

No fue hace tanto tiempo cuando se me ocurrió  por primera vez
Que mi madre era una persona por derecho propio 
Ahora me doy cuenta de lo muy afortunado que he sido 
Y allí, pero por la gracia de Dios, me voy 
Madre querida - ella podía ver el interior 
Madre querida – y tenía dónde esconderme 
Madre querida - estropee tus planes? 
Madre querida – lo hago lo mejor que puedo 
Cuando yo era un adolescente, realmente creía 
que mis padres me habían adoptado 
Y la forma en que yo lo llevaba era la que debieron  haber pensado 
Se habían traído a la casa equivocada un pequeño bebé de la maternidad 
Me gustaría decir que lo siento, pero mi 
Madre mía - ella ya lo sabe 
Madre querida - ella nunca me dejará  irme 
Madre querida - me mantuvo cálido y seguro 
Madre querida - nunca perderé mi fe en mi querida madre 
Si alguna vez soy arrestado por la CIA 
porque me tomen por un espía extranjero 
No necesitarán ningún detector de mentiras, lo único que tendrán que hacer es hacerme mirar a mi madre a los ojos 


Mother Dear
Through a Long and Sleepless Night