Grupo de folk-rock psicodélico formado en San Francisco (CA, USA) en 1965 por el cantante, guitarrista y compositor Jerry Garcia (murió en agosto de 1995), Bob Weir (guitarra y voz), Ron "Pigpen" McKernan (harmónica y órgano),  el bajista Phil Lesh, Tom Constanten y Keith Godchaux  (teclados), Donna Godchaux (coros)  y Bill Kreutzmann y Mickey Hart a la batería. Comenzaron su carrera en Palo Alto (CA, USA) llamándose The WarlocksRobert Hunter y John Perry Barlow fueron los principales letristas de la banda. Se disolvieron en 1995 tras la muerte de García.


  1. He is gone 1972 Garcia - Hunter vídeo
  2. China cut sunflower 1969 Garcia - Hunter vídeo
  3. Ramble on Rose 1972 Garcia - Hunter vídeo
  4. Wharf rat 1971 Garcia - Hunter
  5. Morning dew 1967 Dobson - Rose
  6. Candyman 1970 Garcia - Hunter
  7. One more saturday night 1972 Weir
  8. Good morning little school girl 1967 Williamson
  9. Bertha 1971 Garcia - Hunter
  10. Jack Straw 1972 Hunter - Weir
  11. Viola Lee blues 1967 Lewis
  12. The other one 1971 Kreutzmann - Weir
  13. New, new Minglewood blues 1967 Traditional
  14. Big boss man 1971 Dixon - Smith
  15. Here comes sunshine 1973 Garcia - Hunter
  16. Eyes of the world 1973 Garcia - Hunter
  17. Loose Lucy 1974 Garcia - Hunter
  18. Crazy fingers 1975 Garcia - Hunter
  19. Mr. Charlie 1972 Hunter - McKernan
  20. Tennessee Jed 1972 Garcia - Hunter
  21. Looks like rain 1972 Perry Barlow - Weir
  22. Black-Throated wind  1972 Perry Barlow - Weir


1967 The Grateful Dead 

1968 Anthem of the Sun

1969 Aoxomoxoa

1969  Live/Dead

1970 Workingman's Dead

1970 American Beauty

1971 Grateful Dead (Skull & Roses) [live]

1972 Europe '72 [live] 

1973 Wake of the Flood

1974 From the Mars Hotel

1975 Blues for Allah

1977 Terrapin Station

1978 Shakedown Street

1980 Go to Heaven

1987 In the Dark

1989 Built to Last


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Grateful Dead  1967   

  1. The golden road (to unlimited devotion)

  2. Beat it on down the line

  3. Good mornin´ little school girl

  4. Cold rain and snow

  5. Sittin´ on the top of the world

  6. Cream puff war

  7. Morning dew
  8. New, new Minglewood blues
  9. Viola Lee blues

Anthem of the sun   1968 

1 That's It for the Other One

2 New Potato Caboose

3 Born Cross-Eyed

4 Alligator

5 Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks)

Aoxomoxoa        1969         

  1. St. Stephen

  2. Dupree´s diamond blues

  3. Rosemary

  4. Doin´ that Rag

  5. Mountains of the moon

  6. China cut sunflower
  7. What´s become of the baby
  8. Cosmic Charlie


Live/Dead          1969

1 Dark Star

2 St. Stephen

3 The Eleven

4 Turn on Your Love Light

5 Death Don't Have No Mercy

6 Feedback 

7 And We Bid You Goodnight



Workingman´s dead      1970

  1. Uncle John´s band

  2. High time

  3. Dire wolf

  4. New speedway boogie

  5. Cumberland blues
  6. Black Peter
  7. Easy wind
  8. Casey Jones

American beauty     1970 

  1. Box of rain

  2. Friend of the devil

  3. Sugar Magnolia

  4. Operator

  5. Candyman

  6. Ripple
  7. Brokedown palace
  8. Till the morning comes
  9. Attics of my life
  10. Truckin´

Grateful Dead (Skull & roses)  1971

  1. Bertha

  2. Mama tried

  3. Big railroad blues

  4. Playing in the band

  5. The other one

  6. Me & my uncle
  7. Big boss man
  8. Me & Bobby McGee
  9. Johnny be goode
  10. Wharf rat
  11. Not fade away/Goin´ down the road feelin´ bad

Europe 72     1972 

  1. Cumberland blues
  2. He´s gone
  3. One more saturday night
  4. Jack Straw
  5. You win again
  6. China cat sunflower
  7. I know you rider
  8. Brown eyed woman
  9. Hurts me too
  10. Ramble on Rose
  11. Sugar Magnolia
  12. Mr. Charlie
  13. Tennessee Jed
  14. The stranger
  15. Truckin´
  16. Epilogue
  17. Prelude
  18. Morning dew
  19.  Looks Like Rain
  20.  Good Lovin' 
  21.  Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks) 
  22.  Who Do You Love?
  23. The Yellow Dog Story
  24.  Bertha
  25.  Me and My Uncle
  26.  Chinatown Shuffle
  27.  Sugaree
  28.  Beat It On Down the Line
  29.  Loser
  30.  Next Time You See Me
  31.  Black-Throated Wind
  32.  Dire Wolf
  33.  Greatest Story Ever Told
  34.  Deal
  35. Playing in the Band 
  36.  Dark Star
  37.  Drums
  38.  The Other One 
  39.  Sing Me Back Home
  40.  Not Fade Away
  41.  Goin' Down the Road Feeling bad
  42.  Not Fade Away


Wake of the flood            1973

1 Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo

2 Let Me Sing Your Blues Away

3 Row Jimmy

4 Stella Blue

5 Here Comes Sunshine

6 Eyes of the World

7 Weather Report Suite: Prelude/Part 1/Part 2, Let It Grow



The Grateful Dead From the Mars Hotel  1974

1 U.S. Blues

2 China Doll

3 Unbroken Chain

4 Loose Lucy

5 Scarlet Begonias

6 Pride of Cucamonga

7 Money Money

8 Ship of Fools


Blues for Allah 1975

1 Help on the Way

2 Slipknot

3 Franklin's Tower

4 King Solomon's Marbles, Pts. 1 & 2

5 The Music Never Stopped

6 Crazy Fingers

7 Sage & Spirit

8 Blues for Allah/Sand Castles & Glass Camels/Unusual Occurrences in the


Terrapin station  1977 

1 Estimated Prophet

2 Dancing in the Streets

3 Passenger

4 Samson and Delilah

5 Sunrise

6 Terrapin Station, Pt. 1


Shakedown street           1978  

1 Good Lovin'

2 France

3 Shakedown Street

4 Serengetti

5 Fire on the Mountain

6 I Need a Miracle

7 From the Heart of Me

8 Stagger Lee

9 New Minglewood Blues

10 If I Had the World to Give


Go to heaven     1980

1 Alabama Getaway

2 Far From Me

3 Althea

4 Feel Like a Stranger

5 Lost Sailor

6 Saint of Circumstance

7 Antwerp's Placebo (The Plumber)

8 Easy to Love You

9 Don't Ease Me In


In the dark         1987 

1 Touch of Grey

2 Hell in a Bucket

3 When Push Comes to Shove

4 West L.A. Fadeaway

5 Tons of Steel

6 Throwing Stones

7 Black Muddy River


Built to last         1989

1 Foolish Heart

2 Just a Little Light

3 Built to Last

4 Blow Away

5 Victim ofthe Crime

6 We Can Run

7 Standing on the Moon

8 Picasso Moon

9 I Will Take You Home



He's Gone
F                      F7
Rat in a drain ditch , Caught on a limb
Bb                  C      F
You know better but, I know him
F                            F7
Like I told you, What I said
Bb                    C        F
Steal your face, right off you head
F        Bb F           Bb F   Bb   C
Now he's Gone, Lord he's gone
       Bb               C
Like a steam locomotive, rolling down the track
     Bb              F              F7/Eb     Bb         F
He's gone, He's gone, and nothing's gonna bring him back, He's gone
Nine mile skid on a ten mile ride
Hot as a pistol but cool inside
Cat on a tin roof Dogs in a pile
Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile
Now he's gone Lord he's gone
Like a steam locomotive, rolling down the track
He's gone, He's gone, and nothing's gonna bring him back, He's gone
C               Eb                 Bb
Going where the wind don't blow so strange
C                 Eb                 Bb
Maybe on some high cold mountain range
Eb                     Bb           Ab
Lost one round but the price wasn't anything
  Eb           Ebm      Bb          C

Knife in a back and more of the same
Same old rat in a drain ditch
Out on a limb
You know better but I know him
Now he's gone, Lord he's gone
Like a steam locomotive, rolling down the track
He's gone, He's gone, and nothin's gonna bring him back, He's gone....


Él se ha ido

Una rata en una zanja de desagüe, cogida de un miembro

Tu le conoces mejor pero, yo le conozco Como te dije, lo que dije

Roba tu cara, inmediatamente te diriges

Patinazo de nueve millas en un paseo de diez millas

Caliente como una pistola pero fresca en su interior

Gato sobre una azotea de lata, un monton de perros

Nada mas que hacer, sino reir, reir

Ahora el se ha ido, Señor el se ha ido

Como una locomotora de vapor, rodando via abajo

El se ha ido, El se ha ido, y nada va a hacerle volver, El se ha ido

Yendo donde el viento no sopla tan extraño Tal vez sobre alguna alta sierra fria
Perdida una ronda pero el precio no fue nada
Cuchillo en la espalda y mas de lo mismo
La misma vieja rata en una zanja de desague sin un miembro



He´s gone
China cat sunflower
Ramble on rose