Grupo formado en Woking (Surrey, Inglaterra) en 1977 por Paul Weller (cantante y guitarra, 25-5-58), Bruce Foxton (bajo, 1-9-55) y Rick Buckler (batería, 6-12-55). Con un estilo mod y punk-rock, sus letras atacan a la policía, el status inglés y americano, a la TV y a la sociedad en general. Son descendientes directos de The Who. Weller disuelve la banda y forma Style Council.

sus mejores canciones

1. Start 1980 Weller vídeo

2. Here comes the weekend 1977 Weller vídeo

3. I need you 1977 Weller

4. Tonight at noon 1977 Henri - Weller

5. Town called malice 1982 Weller

6. Away from the numbers 1977 Weller

7. Sounds from the streets 1977 Weller

8. The modern world 1977 Weller

9. Carnation 1982 Weller

10. The great depression Weller

11. Don´t tell them you´re sane 1977 Foxton

12. London traffic 1977 Foxton

13. Standards 1977 Weller

14. The combine 1977 Weller

15. The place I love 1978 Weller

16. Heatwave 1979 Dozier - Holland - Holland

17. The butterfly collector 1984 Weller

1977 In the city
1977 This is the modern world
1978 All mod cons
1979 Setting sons
1980 Sound affects
1982 The gift



In the city      1977

  1. Art school

  2. I've changed my address

  3. Slow down

  4. I got by in time

  5. Away from the numbers

  6. Batman theme

  7. In the city

  8. Sounds from the streets

  9. Non-stop dancing

  10. Time for truth

  11. Takin' my love

  12. Bricks and mortar


This is the modern world 1977  

  1. The modern world

  2. London traffic

  3. Standards

  4. Life from a window

  5. The combine

  6. Don't tell them you're sane

  7. In the street today

  8. London girl

  9. I need you (for someone)

  10. Here comes the weekend

  11. Tonight at noon

  12. In the midnight hour


All mod cons   1978

  1. All Mod Cons

  2. To Be Someone

  3. Mr. Clean

  4. David Watts

  5. English Rose

  6. In the Crowd

  7. Billy Hunt

  8. It's Too Bad

  9. Fly

  10. The Place I Love

  11. "A" Bomb in Wardour Street

  12. Down in the Tube Station at Midnight

Setting sons   1979
1. Girl on the Phone

2. Thick as Thieves

3. Private Hell

4. Little Boy Soldiers

5. Wasteland

6. Burning Sky

7. Smithers-Jones

8. Saturday's Kids

9. The Eton Rifles

10. Heat Wave

Sound affects   1980
1.Pretty Green


3.But I'm Different Now  

4.Set the House Ablaze


6.That's Entertainment  


8.Man in the Corner Shop

9.Music for the Last Couple  

10.Boy About Town  

11.Scrape Away

The gift 1982
1.Happy Together



4.Just Who Is the 5 O'Clock Hero?

5.Trans-Global Express

6.Running on the Spot


8.The Planner's Dream Goes Wrong


10.Town Called Malice

11.The Gift


directos y recopilatorios

Dig the new breed  1982

  1. In the city

  2. All mod cons

  3. To be someone 

  4. It´s too bad

  5. Start

  6. Big bird

  7. Set the house ablaze

  8. Ghosts

  9. Standards

  10. In the crowd

  11. Going underground

  12. Dreams of children

  13. That´s entertainment

  14. Private hell


Greatest hits 1991

  1. In the city

  2. All around the world

  3. The modern world

  4. News of the world

  5. David Watts

  6. Down of the tube station at midnight

  7. Strange town

  8. When you're young

  9. The Eton rifles

  10. Going underground

  11. Start

  12. That's entertaiment

  13. Funeral pyre

  14. Absolute begginers

  15. Town called malice

  16. Precious

  17. Just who is the five o'clock hero

  18. The bitterest pill (I ever had to smallow)

  19. Beat surrender


Collection      1996   

  1. Away from the numbers

  2. I got by in time

  3. I need you

  4. To be someone

  5. Mr. Clean

  6. English rose

  7. In the crowd

  8. It´s too bad

  9. The butterfly collector

  10. Thick as thieves

  11. Private hell

  12. Wasteland

  13. Burning sky

  14. Saturday´s kids

  15. Liza Radley

  16. Pretty green

  17. Monday

  18. Man in the corner shop

  19. Boy about town

  20. Tales from the riverbank

  21. Ghost

  22. Just who is the 5 o´clock hero

  23. Carnation

  24. The great depression

  25. Shopping




Bm                      C              Bm

It's not important for you to know my name


Nor I to know yours.

Bm              C                  Bm

If we communicate for two minutes only


It will be enough.

     Am7                     D

For knowing that someone in this world,

 Am7                  D

Feels as desp'rate as me.

                              G7     D7

And what you give is what you get.


Bm               C

If I never ever see you,

Bm               C

If I never ever see you,

Bm               C     Dsus4  D

If I never ever see you again.


Bm               C

If I never ever see you,

Bm               C

If I never ever see you,

Bm               C     Dsus4  D

If I never ever see you again.


Bm                        C         Bm

It doesn't matter if we never meet again,

C                        D

What we have said will always remain.

Bm                     C           Bm

If we get through for two minutes only,


It will be a start.

     Am7                     D

For knowing that someone in this life,

     Am7                     D

Loves with a passion called hate.

                              G7     D7

And what you give is what you get.


And what you give is what you get.

Empieza !

No es importante para ti saber mi nombre
tampoco para mi saber el tuyo
si nos comunicamos sólo 2 minutos
será bastante
para saber que alguien en este mundo
se siente tan desesperado como yo

y lo que das es lo que consigues
si nunca jamás te vuelvo a ver, otra vez

No importa si no nos volvemos a ver otra vez
Lo que dijimos siempre permanecerá
si nos comunicáramos sólo 2 minutos
sería un comienzo
para saber que alguien en esta vida
ama con una pasión llamada odio
y lo que das es lo que recibes







Here comes the weekend