Leonard Albert Kravitz nace el 26 de mayo de 1964 en Nueva York. Su madre es la actriz Roxie Roker y su padre un productor de TV. Se crió en Los Ángeles y estuvo muy relacionado con músicos de soul y jazz amigos de sus padres. En su música mezcla en soul, el funk y el hard rock. En los 80 se casa con la actriz Lisa Bonet de la que se divorció a principios de los 90. Es multi-instrumentista y se inspira en grupos y músicos como Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder...


1. It´s your life 1998 Kravitz vídeo

2. It ain´t over´til it´s over 1991 Kravitz

3. Mr. Cab Driver 1989 Kravitz

4. Is there any love in your heart? 1993 Kravitz - Ross

5. Fields of joy 1991 Fredricks - Kamen

6. Fly away 1998 Kravitz

7. Always on the run 1991 Kravitz - Slash

8. Are you gonna go my way 1993 Kravitz - Ross

9. Stand by my woman 1991 Hirsch - Kravitz - Krizan - Pasch

10. Black & White America 2011 Kravitz - Ross

11. Circus 1995 Britten, DeVeaux, Kravitz

12. Battlefield of love 2001 Kravitz

13. Rock and roll is dead 1995 Kravitz

14. Live 1998 Kravitz - Ross

15. Take time 1998 Kravitz

16. Straight cold player 1998 Kravitz

17. If I could fall in love 2001 Kravitz - Ross

18. You were in my heart 2001 Kravitz

19. Thin ice 1995 Kravitz, Ross

1989 Let love rule
1991 Mama said
1993 Are you gonna go my way
1995 Circus
1998 5
2001 Lenny
2004 Baptism
2008 It´s time for a love revolution
2011 Black & White America
2014 Strut
2018 Raise vibration

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Let love rule   1989

1.      Sittin' on Top of the World         

2.     Let Love Rule

3.     Freedom Train                            

4.     My Precious Love                      

5.     I Build This Garden for Us        

6.     Fear                                             

7.     Does Anybody Out There Even Care 

8.     Mr. Cab Driver

9.     Rosemary                                    

10.   Be                                                

11.   Blues for Sister Someone           

12.   Empty Hands                             

13.   Flower Child                               


Mama said     1991     

  1. Fields of joy

  2. Always on the run

  3. Stand by my woman

  4. It ain't over'til it's over

  5. More than anything in this world
  6. What goes around comes around
  7. The difference is why
  8. Stop draggin' around
  9. Flowers for zoe
  10. Fields of joy (reprise)
  11. All I ever wanted
  12. When the morning turns to night
  13. What the....are we saying ?
  14. Butterfly


Are you gonna go my way  1993

  1. Are you gonna go my way

  2. Believe

  3. Come on and love me

  4. Heaven help

  5. Just be a woman

  6. Is there any love in your heart

  7. Black girl

  8. My love

  9. Sugar

  10. Sister

  11. Eleutheria


Circus   1995 

1.     Rock and Roll Is Dead

2.     Circus

3.     Beyond the 7th Sky

4.     Tunnel Vision

5.     Can't Get You off My Mind

6.     Magdalene

7.     God Is Love

8.     Thin Ice

9.     Don't Go and Put a Bullet in Your Head

10.   In My Life Today

11.   Resurrection


5   1998           

  1. Live

  2. Supersoul fighter

  3. I belong to

  4. Black velveteen

  5. If you can´t say no

  6. Thinking of You

  7. Take time

  8. Fly away

  9. It´s your life
  10. Straight cold player
  11. Little girl´s
  12. You´re my flavor
  13. Can we find a reason

Lenny   2001     

01 Battlefield of love

02 If I could fall in love

03 Yesterday is gone (My dear Kay)

04 Stillness of heart

05 Believe in me

06 Pay to play

07 A million miles away

08 God save us all

09 Dig in

10 You were in my heart

11 Bank robber man

12 Let´s get high


Baptism   2004     

1.    Minister of Rock 'N Roll

2.     I Don't Want to Be a Star

3.     Lady

4.     Calling All Angels

5.     California

6.     Sistamamalover

7.     Where Are We Runnin'?

8.     Baptized

9.     Flash

10.   What Did I Do With My Life?

11.   Storm 

12.   The Other Side

13.   Destiny

It´s time for a love revolution   2008

  1    Love Revolution

  2    Bring It On

  3    Good Morning

  4    Love Love Love  

  5    If You Want It

  6    I'll Be Waiting

  7    Will You Marry Me

  8    I Love the Rain

  9    A Long and Sad Goodbye

  10  Dancin' Til Dawn

  11  This Moment Is All There Is

  12  A New Door

  13  Back in Vietnam  

  14  I Want to Go Home

Black & white America      2011  

    1       Black and White America

    2       Come on Get It

    3       In the Black

    4       Liquid Jesus

    5       Rock Star City Life

    6       Boongie Drop

    7       Stand

    8       Superlove

    9       Everything

10    I Can't Be Without You

11    Looking Back on Love

12    Life Ain't Ever Been Better Than It Is Now

13    The Faith of a Child

14    Sunflower

15    Dream

16    Push

Strut     2014     

1       Sex

2       The Chamber

3       Dirty White Boots

4       New York City

5       The Pleasure and the Pain

6       Strut

7       Frankenstein

8       She's a Beast

9       I'm a Believer

10     Happy Birthday

11     I Never Want to Let You Down

Sweet Gitchey Rose

Can’t stop thinkin’ ‘bout you

Lift me out of my head

It won’t feel the same

Raise vibration    2018     

1    We Can Get It All Together

2    Low

3    Who Really Are the Monsters?

4    Raise Vibration

5    Johnny Cash

6    Here to Love

7    It's Enough

8    5 More Days 'Til Summer

9    The Majesty of Love

10  Gold Dust

11  Ride

12  I'll Always Be Inside Your Soul



It´s your life                 

They say that our love is all wrong
And that we should not carry on
But I say they're wrong
I want you so bad

Oh we've been together for so long
How could they think we don't belong ?
But they'll never know what you and I have

Call your mama
Call your papa
Call the preacher
Hold on hold on

Call your mama
Call your papa
Go on and call the preacher
Hold on hold on

All I want to do is take it all the way with you
It's your life, it's your life

All I want to do is take it all the way with you
It's your life, it's your life, it's your life

They say that we don't have a chance
We're victims of unjust romance
But they could'nt see the truth in their hands

We don't have to live like they do
We'll run away if we have to
And we'll start a life that's shining and new
That's shining and new

Call your mama
Call your papa
Go on and call the preacher
Hold on hold on

Call your mama
Call your papa
Call the preacher
Hold on hold on

All I want to do is take it all the way with you
It's your life, it's your life, it's your life

Es tu vida
Ellos dicen que nuestro amor es un error
Y que nosotros no deberíamos continuar
Pero yo digo que ellos se equivocan
Te quiero tan mal

Ah hemos estado juntos tanto tiempo
¿Cómo podrían ellos pensar que no nos pertenecemos?
Pero ellos nunca sabrán lo que tú y yo tenemos

Llama a tu madre
Llama a tu papá
Llama al predicador

Todo que quiero hacer es tenerlo todo contigo
Es tu vida

Ellos dicen que no tenemos posibilidad
Somos las víctimas de un romance injusto
Pero ellos no podrían ver la verdad en sus manos

No tenemos que vivir como ellos hacen
Nos escaparemos si queremos
Y comenzaremos una vida brillante y nueva
brillante y nueva

Llama a tu madre
Llama a tu papá
Llama al predicador


It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over    

    C#                    C#maj7                                        
      C#9                   F#
Verse 1
C#           C#maj7
   Here we are
   Still together
   we are one
C#           C#maj7
   so much time wasted
C#9                   F#
   playing games with love
  So many tears I've cried
  So much pain inside
C#9                                F#
  But baby it ain't over 'til it's over
  So many years we've tried
  To keep our love alive
C#9                                F#
  But baby it ain't over 'til it's over
Verse 2
C#           C#maj7  
   How many times
   Did we give up
C#9                            F#
   But we always worked things out
   and all my doubts and fears
   Kept me wondering yeah
          C#9                  F#
   If I'd always, always be in love
No ha terminado hasta que no haya terminado

Aquí estamos
Todavía juntos
somos uno
tanto tiempo gastado
jugando juegos con amor
Tantas lágrimas he gritado
Tanto dolor dentro
Pero nena, no ha terminado hasta que no haya terminado
Tantos años hemos intentado
Mantener nuestro amor vivo
Pero nena, no ha terminado hasta que no haya terminado
Cuantas veces
nos rendimos
Pero nosotros siempre resolvíamos las cosas
y todas mis dudas y miedos
se mantenían preguntando si
Si yo, siempre siempre estaría enamorado


It´s your life