Grupo de rock progresivo psicodélico formado en 1991 por Steven Wilson (Guitarra, teclados y compositor, Londres, 1967). Músicos: Colin Edwin (bajista), Richard Barbieri (teclados) y Chris Maitland (batería). En 2002 Maitland abandona la banda y es reemplazado por Gavin Harrison. Su sonido tiene reminiscencias a Pink Floyd  y King Crimson.


  1. Trains 2002 Wilson vídeo

  2. Fadeaway 1993 Duffy - Wilson 

  3. Synesthesia 1993 Wilson              

  4. Blackest Eyes 2002 Wilson

  5. Waiting 1997 Wilson 

  6. Prodigal 2002 Wilson

  7. Even Less 1999 Wilson

  8. Sever 1997 Wilson    

  9. The Sound of Muzak 2002 Wilson

  10. Radioactive Toy 1992 Wilson             

  11. Deadwing 2005 Wilson

  12. Strip the soul 2002 Edwin - Wilson

  13. Sleep of no dreaming 1997 Wilson  

  14. Piano lessons 1999 Wilson      

  15. Stranger by the minute 1999 Wilson   

  16. A smart kid 1999 Wilson

  17. The sky moves sideaway 1995 Wilson

  18. Halo 2005 Porcupine Tree - Wilson

  19. She´s moved on 2000 Wilson

  20. The nostalgia factory 1992 Duffy - Wilson

  21. This long silence 1992 Duffy - Wilson

  22. Nine cats 1992 Duffy - Wilson

  23. Drown with me 2003 Wilson

  24. Small fish 1993 Wilson

  25. Lightbulb sun 2000 Wilson

  26. My ashes 2007 Barbieri - Wilson

  27. Remember me lover 2009 Wilson

1992 On the sunday of life
1993 Up the downstair
1995 The sky moves sideways
1996 Staircase infinities
1997 Signify
1999 Stupid dream
1999 Coma divine
2000 Lightbulb Sun  
2002 Metanoia
2002 In absentia
2005 Deadwing
2007 Fear of a blanket planet
2009 The incident

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On the sunday of life   1992

1 Music for the Head

2 Juniper Island

3 Third Eye Surfer

4 On the Sunday of Life

5 The Nostalgia Factory

6 Space Transmission

7 Message from a Self Destructiong Turnip

8 Radioactive Toy

9 Nine Cats

10 Hymn

11 Footprints

12 Linton Samuel Dawson

13 And the Swallows Dance Above the Sun

14 Queen Quotes Crowley

15 No Luck With Rabbits

16 Begonia Seduction Scene

17 This Long Distance

18 It Will Rain for a Million Years

Up the downstair   1993

What Are You Listening To


3   Monuments Burn into Moments    

Always Never     

Up the Downstair

Not Beautiful Anymore


8  Small Fish     

Burning Sky     

10  Fadeaway

The Sky Moves Sideways   1995

The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase One)

Dislocated Day     

The Moon Touches Your Shoulder    

Prepare Yourself     


The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase Two)

Staircase infinities   1996

Cloud Zero

The Joke's on You    


Rainy Taxi

Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape

Signify 1997                   

     1.    Bornlivedie

      2.     Signify

      3.     Sleep of No Dreaming 

      4.     Pagan

      5.     Waiting Phase One

      6.     Waiting Phase Two   

      7.     Sever   

      8.     Idiot Prayer    

      9.     Every Home Is Wired

      10.   Intermediate Jesus 

      11.   Light Mass Prayers

      12.  Dark Matter            

Stupid dream       1999       

1.      Even Less                                   

2.      Piano Lessons                           

3.      Stupid Dream                             

4.      Pure Narcotic                             

5.      Slave Called Shiver                   

6.      Don't Hate Me                           

7.      This Is No Rehearsal                

8.      Baby Dream in Cellophane

9.      Stranger by the Minute           

10.    A Smart Kid                               

11.    Tinto Brass                                

12.    Stop Swimming   

Coma divine (Live)1999  

1.      Bornlivedie  

2.     Signify  

3.      Waiting Phase One

4.      Waiting Phase Two 

5.      The Sky Moves Sideways

6.      Dislocated Day 

7.      The Sleep of No Dreaming

8.      Moonloop 

9.      Radioactive Toy  

10.    Not Beautiful Anymore

Lightbulb Sun 2000

Lightbulb Sun     

How Is Your Life Today?

Four Chords That Made a Million  

She's Moved On     

Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled

Rest Will Flow     


Where We Would Be

Russia on Ice

10  Feel So Low

Metanoia   2002

Mesmer, Pt. 1     

Mesmer, Pt. 2     

Mesmer, Pt. 3/Coma Divine     

Door to the River

Metanoia, Pt. 1/Intermediate Jesus    


Metanoia, Pt. 2


In Absentia           2002 

1.      Blackest Eyes         

2.      Trains

3.      Lips of Ashes

4.      The Sound of Muzak

5.      Gravity Eyelids

6.      Wedding Nails

7.      Prodigal

8.      3

9.      The Creator Has a Mastertape

10.    Heartattack in a Lay By

11.    Strip the Soul

12.    Collapse the Light into Earth

Deadwing    2005        

1. Deadwing
2. Shallow 
3. Lazarus 
4. Halo 
5. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here

6. Mellotron Scratch
7. Open Car
8. The Start Of Something Beautiful

9. Glass Arm Shattering

10. She´s moved on (bonus track)

Fear of a blanket planet   2007

1  Fear of a Blank Planet

2  My Ashes

3  Anesthetize

4  Sentimental

5  Way out of Here

6  Sleep Together


The incident         2009

1       Occam's Razor

2       The Blind House

3       Great Expectations

4       Kneel and Disconnect

5       Drawing the Line

6       The Incident

7       Your Unpleasant Family

8       The Yellow Windows of the Evening Train

9       Time Flies

10    Degree Zero of Liberty

11    Octane Twisted

12    The Séance

13    Circle of Manias

14    I Drive the Hearse

15    Flicker

16    Bonnie the Cat

17    Black Dahlia

18    Remember Me Lover



Trains set and match spied under the blind, shiny and 
contoured the railway winds 
And I've heard the sound from my cousin's bed, the 
hiss of the train at the railway head
Alllllllllll ways the summers are slipping away
A 60 ton angel falls to the earth, a pile of old 
metal, a radiant blur
scars in the country the summer and her
Alllllllllll ways the summers are slipping away
Fi - nd me a way for making them stay 
Cmaj7 - Fmaj7 (Repeat X times then play second line)
When I hear the engine pass I'm kissing you wide, the 
 [D]--------[A]------------[C] [Cmaj7]
hissing subsides, I'm in luck 
When the evening reaches here you're tying me up, 
-----[D]------[A]--------[C] [Cmaj7] 
I'm dying of love...It's OK 

Los trenes se ponen yen marcha, espió bajo la persiana,
brillantes y  sinuosas las vías del tren
Y he oído el sonido de la cama de mi primo,
el silbido del tren en la cabeza del ferrocarril
Siempre los veranos pasan
Un ángel de 60 toneladas se cae a la tierra,
un montón de viejos metales,
un aspecto borroso radiante
cicatrices en el país, el verano y ella
Siempre los veranos pasan
Encuéntrame un camino para que permanezcamos
Cuando oigo el ruido del motor te beso,
el silbido disminuye, tengo suerte
Cuando la tarde llegue aquí, me abrazarás,
Muero de amor... Todo está bien


G                                               Dm         

            I sat in the room with a view,     the girl in the photograph knew

                                       C          A#                  Dm

Can't you      see?      Why is she laughing at me?

                  G                                                            Dm

I stumbled through the dark unaware,     the face in the hall isn't there

                            C                          A#                      Dm

Tomorrow has gone,      where do the voices come from?


             C(3rd fret)             G             A#                     F

                  Hit       heaven      far   too     high 

       G                                               Dm         

Watching the leaves as they blew Lost in the room with a view
                                       C          A#                  Dm

                 Climb the walls You did not know me at all
G                                                            Dm

I fell through a hole in the floor The audience cried out for more
                            C                          A#                      Dm

 Fadeaway It's just another day

       C(3rd fret)             G             A#                     F

 Hit heaven far too high.




Me senté en la habitación con vistas, la chica de la fotografía lo sabía

¿No puedes verlo? ¿Por qué se ríe de mí?

Tropecé por el oscuro inconsciente, la cara en el pasillo no está allí

¿Mañana se ha ido, de dónde vienen las voces?

    Cielo, lejos demasiado alto

Mirando como soplaron las hojas

Perdido en la habitación con vistas

 Subo las paredes, no me conocías en absoluto

Hice un agujero en el suelo, la audiencia pidió a gritos más

 Desvanezco,  Es solamente otro día

 Cielo, lejos demasiado alto.