Grupo de rock alternativo formado en 1988 en Oxford (R. U.) por Thom Yorke (guitarra y cantante. 7-oct-1968), Ed O´Brien (guitarra y voz), Jonny Greenwood (guitarra), Colin Greenwood  (bajo) y Phil Selway (batería), todos compañeros de colegio. En un principio se llamaron On a friday. El nombre de Radiohead proviene de una canción de Talking Heads de su álbum True stories (1978). Todos sus álbumes han sido grabados en el sello Capitol (EMI). A partir del disco Kid A dieron un giro electrónico a su música. Su productor habitual ha sido Nigel Godrich. Su EP de debut fue Drills en 1992.


1. Creep                1993 Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke  vídeo

2. Exit Music (For a film)1997 Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke vídeo

3. Paranoid android  1997 Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke

4. The trickster     1994 Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke

5. Airbag              1997 Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke

6. Planet telex       1995 Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke

7. The bends        1995 Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke

8. High and dry    1995 Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke

9. (Nice dream)    1995 Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke

10. There there    2003 Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke

11. Nude 2007 Radiohead

12. Karma police 1997 Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke

13. No surprises 1997 Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke

14. Pearly 1998 Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke

15. I might be wrong 2001 Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke

16. Talk show host 1995 Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke

17. Anyone can play guitar 1993 Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke

18. Punchdrunk lovesick singalong 1994Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke

19. Street spirit 1995 Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke

20. 2+2=5 2003 Radiohead

21. I will 2003 Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke

22. True love waits 2001 Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke

23. Jigsaw Falling into Place 2007 Radiohead

24. Subterranean homesick alien 1997 Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke

25. Black star 1995 Greenwood-Greenwood-O´Brien-Selway-Yorke

1993 Pablo Honey
1994 My iron lung (EP)
1995 The bends
1997 OK computer
2000 Kid A
2001 Amnesiac
2003 Hail to the thief
2007 In rainbows
2011 The king of limbs
2016 A moon shaped pool

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Thom Yorke

Ed O´Brien

Jonny Greenwood

Colin Greenwood

Phil Selway


Pablo honey   1993                 

  1. You                      

  2. Creep                      

  3. How do you                 

  4. Stop whispering                

  5. Thinking about you                      

  6. Anyone can play guitar                

  7. Ripcord                      

  8. Vegetable                

  9. Prove yourself

  10. I can´t

  11. Lurgee

  12. Blow out

My iron lung   1994          

  1. My iron lung

  2. The trickster

  3. Lewis (mistreated

  4. Punchdrunk lovesick singalong

  5. Permanent daylight

  6. Lozenge of love

  7. You never wash up after yourself

  8. Creep (acoustic

The bends       1995                    

  1. Planet telex             

  2. The bends              

  3. High and dry               

  4. Fake plastic trees              

  5. Bones                

  6. (Nice dream)               

  7. Just                     

  8. My iron lung                     

  9. Bullet proof...I wish I was              

  10. Black star                

  11. Sulk                     

  12. Street spirit (fade out)    
    Talk show host

OK computer 1997

  1. Airbag

  2. Paranoid android

  3. Subterranean homesick alien

  4. Exit music (for a film)

  5. Let down

  6. Karma police

  7. Fitter happier

  8. Electioneering

  9. Climbing up the walls

  10. No surprises

  11. Lucky

  12. The tourist

Kid A   2000                         

  1. Everything in its right place              

  2. Kid A                      

  3. The National Anthem                      

  4. How to disappear completely          

  5. Treefingers                  

  6. Optimistic                     

  7. In Limbo                      

  8. Idioteque                     

  9. Morning bell                          

  10. Motion picture Soundtrack               

  11. Genchildren           

Amnesiac       2001    

  1. Packt like sardines in a crushed tin box

  2. Pyramid song

  3. Pulk pull revolving doors

  4. You and whose army       

  5. I might be wrong   

  6. Knives out  

  7. Amnesiac / Morning bell

  8. Dollars & cents

  9. Hunting bears

  10. Like spinning plates

  11. Life in a glass house

Hail to the thief         2003    

1.         2 + 2 = 5

2.         Sit Down. Stand Up

3.         Sail to the Moon

4.         Backdrifts

5.         Go to Sleep

6.         Where I End and You Begin

7.         We Suck Young Blood

8.         The Gloaming

9.         There There

10.   I Will

11.   A Punch-Up at a Wedding

12.   Myxamatosis

13.   Scatterbrain

14.   A Wolf at the Door

In rainbows          2007     

1    15 Step

2    Bodysnatchers

3    Nude

4    Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

5    All I Need

6    Faust Arp

7    Reckoner

8    House of Cards

9    Jigsaw Falling into Place

10  Videotape

MK 1

Down is the new up

Go slowly

MK 2

Last flowers

Up on the ladder

Bangers + Mash

The king of limbs            2011     

  1    Bloom                   

  2    Morning Mr. Magpie           

  3    Little by Little         

  4    Feral                     

  5    Lotus Flower          

  6    Codex                   

  7    Give Up the Ghost               

  8    Separator              

A Moon Shaped Pool        2016     

1    Burn the Witch

2    Daydreaming

3    Decks Dark

4    Desert Island Disk

5    Ful Stop

6    Glass Eyes

7    Identikit

8    The Numbers

9    Present Tense

10  Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief

11  True Love Waits



Airbag/How Am I Driving [EP]  1998     

1 Airbag 

2 Pearly

3 Meeting in the Aisle

4 A Reminder

5 Polyethylene, Pts. 1 & 2

6 Melatonin

7 Palo Alto

I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings      2001     

1 The National Anthem 

2 I Might Be Wrong

3 Morning Bell

4 Like Spinning Plates

5 Idioteque

6 Everything in Its Right Place

7 Dollars and Cents

8 True Love Waits

Com Lag              2004      

1. 2+2=5

2. Remyxomatosis

3. I Will

4. Paperbag Writer

5. I Am a Wicked Child

6. I Am Citizen Insane

7. Skttrbrain

8. Gagging Order

9. Fog (Again)

10. Where Bluebirds Fly





Exit Music (For a film)

Verse 1:

 Bm            F#         A              E

Wake from you sleep, the drying of your tears

 Bm         F#         B5  Bm

Today, we escape, we escape.

 Bm           F#         A                E

Pack and get dressed, before your father hears us

 Bm         F#           B5  Bm

Before all hell breaks loose.


 Am          E

Breath keep breathing

       Bm    G    F#

Don't loose your nerve

 Am          E

Breath keep breathing

   Bm       G    F#

I can't do this alone

 Verse 2:

 Bm        F#      A               E

Sing us a song, a song to keep us warm

        Bm     F#             B5  Bm

There's such a chill, such a chill


 Bm               F#        G

You can laugh, a spineless laugh

 G            C         F#

We hope your rules and wisdom choke you

 Bm          F#      A           E

Now, we are one, in everlasting peace

    Bm            F#              B5  Bm

We hope that you choke, that you choke.

Música final (para una película)

Despierta de tu sueño, la sequedad de tus lágrimas
hoy, escaparemos
Haz la maleta y vístete, antes de que tu padre nos oiga
antes de que todo el infierno se dispare

respira manteniendo la respiración
no pierdas los nervios
respira manteniendo la respiración
no puedo hacer esto solo

cántanos una canción, que nos mantenga calientes
hay algo como un escalofrío

Puedes sonreír, una sonrisa floja
deseamos que tus reglas y tu sabiduría te atasquen

ahora somos uno, en una paz perpetua
deseamos que te atasques






When you were here before


Couldn't look you in the eyes


You look like an angel


Your skin makes me cry



You float like a feather


In a beautiful weather


I wish I was special


You're so fucking special




     But I'm a creep


     I'm a wierdo


     What the hell am I doin' here


     I don't belong here


I don't care if it hurts

I wanna have control

I wanna perfect body

I want a perfect soul


I want you to notice

When I'm not around


You're so fuckin' special

I wish I was special....


oooh... she's running away....she's


Whatever makes you happy

Whatever you want

You're so fucking special

Wish I was special...




Cuando estuviste aquí antes

No pude mirarte a los ojos

Eres como un ángel

Tu piel me hace llorar


Flotas como una pluma

En un mundo precioso

Desearía ser especial

Eres tan jodidamente especial


Pero yo soy un arrastrado

Soy un extraño

Que infiernos estoy haciendo

No te pertenezco

No me preocupo si duele




Exit music (For a film)